The design and construction of the entire Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech tank area is in accordance with Chinese national regulation and policy.


Environmental Awareness

Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech Waste Water Treatment System

Waste Water Treatment System

Environment protection is an obligation to every individuals on Earth, you just need to DO it. Water is so essential and irreplaceable. If our water was discharged without the treament, it will result irreparable waste. As a company Zhen-Ao invests over USD 20 million to make sure the water we discharged is safe to the community. Loveing and protecting our environment is an duty to every employee works at Zhen-Ao. WE CARE and it's just a beginning!

Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech uses 100% Natural Gas Boiler

Yes, we use high-efficiency natural gas boiler!

The usage natural gas can reduce the impact of your business on the environment. Natural gas produces almost no carbon monoxide (CO2) and sulfur dioxide (SO2), other dissolved solids or airborne particulates, all of which can be harmful to human and animal health. Another upside is that Natural gas furnaces do not need cleaning. When burned, natural gas boiler generates:
  • about 45% less CO2 than coal boiler
  • about 30 % less CO2 than oil boiler
  • about 15 % less CO2 than biomass boiler.


    More plants, More Greens!

    Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech promotes Green-Living concepts. It's a task to all employees to plant trees/plants to make our environments greener!! In a rough estimation, Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech plants about 400 new tress every year around our facilities or surrounding neighborhoods. Organic farms are located in Dalian Zhen-Ao Bio-Valley to encourge no-pestside dietary and to promote organic life styles!