Let us help you in blending services

Custom Blending

Combining the companny's nucleotide products, based on different customers needs and requests, Zhen-Ao dedicates to customer service of nucleotide nutrition premix pack (Dry Blend) in accordance with scientific methods and stringent operation regulation.

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Blending Capacity

Zhen-Ao equipped with a variety of small to large dry blender according to customer's requests, such as, 0.1M³, 0.8M³, 1.5 M³, 2.0 M³, 3.0 M³ etc.

Blending Environment

The entire operation is held in Grade D cleanroom.

Blending Management

Strictly follow the operation and management of food cGMP norms.

Formula Management

Strictly follow customer specified formula to execute blending production, and customer's formula is strictly confidential. (NDA will be arranged)


Nucleotide nutrition package can be customized according to customer's request, as small as a few 100g/unit packaging (such as bags), large to 25 kg/unit packaging (such as bags, barrels) can be achieved.

Product Inspection

for all materials involved in the formulation, will strictly follow customer specifications and inspection requirements; As for the mixed premix pack, will strictly follow the specifications and customer requirements for inspection, and to issue a report.