FIC 2017, We are there for you! Booth# 51W73

Dalian Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech is pleased to announce that we will exhibit this year’s FIC @ Shanghai.  Zhen-Ao is your one stop booth where you can find all natural RNA, 5′-Nucleotides for functional ingredients.  You will also find the newest yeast extracts on the market with natural high I+G content!

We aim to replace and to optimize of your current ingredient cost.  VISIT US @ 51W73.  We are there for you!

Please visit us at FIC 2017 (51W73)
Please visit us at FIC 2017 (51W73)







The Endorsement for Dalian Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd.

The Endorsement for Dalian Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd. 

Dr. Ram Chaudhari
Former Co-Founder, Chief Scientific Officer of Fortitech, Inc.

“As a Chief Scientific Officer and Vice President of Research and Development at fortitech Inc, I had a privilege to work with my team to search for a reputable supplier of 5′-nucleotides to use in infant formulae. Our mission was to find a supplier with stringent quality control program and in compliance with cGMP, GLP and US food safety regulations. On auditing many companies in China, Japan and other countries, Zhen-Ao was found to be the best manufacturing company with respect to purity and quality of products, the latest equipment and outstanding technological and analytical processes. Their nucleotides were found to be of the highest quality and have performed well in various products including infant formulae. Supplier of such caliber that provides full customer support and takes complete ownership of products in turn creates a win-win situation for everyone. I am confident that with the current management team and the nucleotides of the highest quality surpassing the required FDA specifications will have continued success for the betterment of infant nutritional products at large worldwide. I wish them continued success and healthy future for all mankind.”


“Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech” equipped with the largest grade D clean room in northern China region. It is strictly controlled to minimize any outside contamination! It is also the reason others trust our product and named it as the most reliable one.

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IFT 2016 Chicago Invitation (Booth#3288)

After months of intensive product development, Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech is able to bring our product huge improvement in term of taste, appearance, flavor, smell, clarity, color, particle size, and solubility.  We’ve found the secret of being able to masking KCl – potassium chloride bad tastes such as metallic bitterness and to reduce more salt in your final application.  We need your professional sensation to be the judge!

Please find ZABT at IFT #3288
Please find ZABT at IFT #3288

ZABT invites all of you to visit us at IFT16 @ Chicago Booth# 3288.

  • Ribonucleic Acid (RNA)
  • 5′-Nucleotides
  • Yeast Extracts
  • High Nucleotides Yeast Extracts
  • Molasses Yeast
  • 2’3′ Mixed Nucleotides
  • Yeast Cell Wall

珍奥零添加酱油 & 珍奥零添加黄豆酱











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Flavor Science- Yeast Extracts

It is fun working for Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech.  Why? You get to taste many different applications with verity of yeast extracts.  Despite the fact that there are many other yeast extracts counterparts, we are all working to create a more healthy but better taste solution for general public.  There are great science behind flavoring and what we put into our mouth, and ZABT just wish to contribute part of it.

Having fun at work

The core team of Zhen-Ao Bio-Tech is a group of young but experienced staffs, averaging from 30 to 45.  We are like a family.  Together, we crack jokes, we love what we do, and we devote our passion into this project.  We respects each other’s opinions, and put our thoughts into actions.

At ZABT, we have developed a professional but flexible production platform. On the basis of RNA/Nucleotides productions, we make sure our yeast extracts is as good as our other products.

Tell us what flavors you are looking for, and we will help you out!

Thank you for your supports!