About Zhen-Ao Group

Zhen-Ao Group established in 1996 at Dalian, China, is a national high-tech enterprises. Zhen-Ao Group adhering to the "Focus on life sciences; benefits in human health" as the entrepreneurial ideals, using bio-technology such as fermentation engineering, enzymatic engineering, cell engineering, genetic engineering, and protein engineering, commits to pharmaceuticals, health care supplements, bio-organic agriculture and other areas of product R & D and achievements. Now, Zhen-Ao carries a total of 9 series and more than 400 products.

Research & Develpment

The Independent researched and developed National Class-A Drug - "Injection Cardio Myopeptidin" received the New Medicine certificate and had been publicly listed; Zhen-Ao’s other product "JINDERUI Capsule" is the only health care supplement in China qualified as national science and technology plan; Zhen-Ao is in title of the world's largest Ribonucleic acid (RNA) industrial base with nearly 30 years of experience in continuous fermentation production of RNA. The independent developed 5'-nucleotide product is an essential item of “the revitalizing northeast old industrial base project” of NDRC, the quality is fully compliant with FCC (US Food Chemicals Codex), and is designated as suppliers of a number of multinational companies; Zhen-Ao is the pioneer performing human trial test on healthcare products, the nucleic acid series of health care supplement are affirmed its actual effectiveness and safety by the Shanghai Fudan University, Tongji University and other national institutions designated evaluation crowd tasting tests. Zhen-Ao also has more than a dozen domestic and international research institutes and hundreds of scientists and build a long-term cooperative relations, including the former chairman of the International Federation of Immunity, Dr. Zengerneral and other 25 Nobel Prize scientists visited Zhen-Ao, providing discussion and guidance. Currently, Zhen-Ao has more than 100 domestic and international patents, and was named "National Intellectual Property Pilot Units".

Zhen-Ao Group is one of the major biotech business in China.

Building Our Brand

Zhen-Ao has been rewarded by the Chinese Well-Known Trademarks, China's Export Brand, the National Industry's highest AAA Credit Level Business and other hundreds of honors. It also won 12 consecutive sessions of China's health care industry’s "Top Ten Enterprises" and "Top Ten Health”, and were involved in 3 Olympic Games, the product was named "the 28th Olympic Chinese Sports Delegation Dedicated Health Care Products", "National Weightlifting Team Designated Health Products" and "National Sports Training Athlete Special Products" and so on. At 2012, Zhen-Ao nucleic acid capsules passed relevant inspections and certification through the world's most famous and most authoritative firm, German Sports University in Cologne, becoming the IWF designated products, as the first global health IWF partner of the century.

Quality Control

Zhen-Ao received the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, HACCP international food safety prevention and control system certification, ISO22000 international food safety management system certification, ISO14001 international environmental management system certification, pharmaceuticals and health food GMP certification.

Marketing Operation

Service is always being the core of Zhen-Ao’s business, and create a 3D model of service marketing strategy. In China, Zhen-Ao has 40 Tier-1 and more than 200 Tier-2 marketing management agencies, with nearly 2,000 retail stores; Outside of China, it has received US FDA Registration qualification and product clearance/inspection, Japanese Ministry of Health Product Entry Permit, international Jewish KOSHER certification and the International HALAL certification, the products are sold to nearly 20 countries and regions.

Zhen-Ao Group held a great reputation on the heathcare supplement market.

Corporate Culture

Zhen-Ao creates a corporate culture of "Great Love". For our consumers, we practice personalized service, treat our customers as for our loved ones; All staffs implement people-oriented humanize management and emphasis on "equality, respect, care, supporting others and joy sharing." Zhen-Ao adhere to honesty, charity, managing by law, paying tax on time, and always be a good corporate citizen.

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Corporate Entities

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For more information, please visit www.zhen-ao.com or contact trade@zabiotech.com or call us at +86 (0411) 8721-4966